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Erasmus grant 

A monthly Erasmus grant is calculated based on the length of time an eligible student will undertake their period of study at a partner University. The grant is intended as a contribution towards your living costs whilst abroad; it will not cover all expenses. The grant is administered by the International Student Office and the amount a student will receive, as well as the terms and conditions, are set out in the mobility contract which the student must sign prior to receiving the funding.  

The grant rate is EUR 370 per month. It will be paid in pounds sterling into a UK bank account. 

The amount a student will receive depends and the duration of the mobility. Duration is calculated from the first day a student is required to be at their place of study until the last date they need to be present, for instance for exams or to complete an essay.

The grant is usually paid in two instalments, at least 70% once all of the initial paperwork has been sent to the International Student Office and the remainder at the end of the activity and after the student has returned their transcript of records (section 4 of the Learning Agreement), completed the online report form and the second language assessment. The second instalment will be the remaining 200 EUR, after any necessary adjustments as a result of any changes in placement duration.

Additional Financial Support 

Students with a household income of £25,000 or less are eligible to receive an additional widening participation grant of EUR 120 per month for study placements.