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Information for University of Cambridge students on projects available at LERU partners.

What is LERU?

The League of European Universities (LERU) is a consortium of some of the most renowned research universities in Europe. The University of Cambridge is a member institution.

What is the LERU STREAM programme?

LERU STEAM is a student research mobility programme which aims to facilitate student research exchange opportunities between institutions within LERU. Cambridge will be participating in a pilot for the programme with 7 other LERU institutions across Europe.

Who can apply?

Undergraduate students studying in any Department at the University of Cambridge are eligible to apply. You must have a minimum of one full academic year of your undergraduate course to complete at the time of the mobility.

Where can you go?

There are 7 institutions taking part in the pilot:

When can I go?

Cambridge students will only be able to participate in projects taking place during the Long Vacation.

Erasmus+ funding

You would be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution towards the costs. Your placement must last a minimum of 2 months to qualify for this funding.  The grant rate for 2018/19 has not yet been confirmed (for 2017/18 it was 380-430 EUR per month depending on the destination country).

How to apply

Projects will be advertised on these webpages as and when they become available at participating institutions. If you are interested in applying for a project, you will need to apply to the International Student Office to be nominated. Please submit your completed application form to

Your application will be considered alongside any other Cambridge applications for nomination to the host institution. If you nominated, the host institution will make a final decision on whether to accept you for the project. They may wish to interview you as part of the application process. 

If you are accepted by the host institution, Erasmus+ paperwork will need to be completed prior to the period of mobility. Further information about the paperwork required for Erasmus+ can be found here.

Do I need to be able to speak the native language of the host institution?

All projects will be undertaken in English and there is no requirement to be able to communicate in the native language of the host institution to be eligible for a project.  In certain countries you may find being able to communicate in the native language will make it easier getting around on a day to day basis.

Projects available to Cambridge students

The projects listed are those currently available over the Long Vacation. Projects will be updated on this page as and when they become available.

Université Paris-Sud

University of Zurich