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International Student Office


If you have been informed by your Faculty or Department that you are eligible for a Turing Scheme grant, this webpage outlines the documentation you will need to complete. 

All students will need to complete the following: 

Registration form
You will be invited to complete an online registration form to provide the confirmed details of the activity for which you will be funded.You will be sent a link to the form by email and will need to return it by a fixed deadline, the schedule for which is outlined below. You will note that the confirmed details for your activity needs to be provided in good time prior to it commencing. This is because the University is required to report the confirmed details of your activity to the external Delivery Partner (Capita) within a set timeframe in order for funds to be released. Failure to provide the required information by the deadline outlined is likely to mean the activity cannot be funded. 

Start month for activity When eligible students will be sent link to the form Deadline to return completed form
September End of July 10 August
October Beginning of August 26 August
November Beginning of September 26 September
December Beginning of October 23 October
January Beginning of November 20 November
February Beginning of December 15 December
March  Beginning of January 22 January
April Beginning of February 19 February

You will also need to provide bank details when completing this form. Please note that grant payments can only be made into a UK bank account, therefore details for a UK bank account should be provided.

Grant agreement 

This form sets out the amount you will receive for your grant, and the terms and conditions attached to the funding. Information provided in the registration form will be used to issue the grant agreement. This will be sent to you by email and you are advised to read through it carefully. You will need to be sign and return to the agreement to International Student Office. This should normally be completed and returned before the activity begins. 

Final report

A final report at the end of the placement in the form of a survey. A link will be sent at the end of the placement. 

Year abroad students will also need to complete the following: 

Study placement:  

Learning Agreement

Sections 1 and 2 of the Learning Agreement should be completed and signed by you, your Faculty/Department and the host institution before your activity begins. The agreement outlines the proposed study plan to be undertaken during your time at the host institution. If there are changes to the study plan during the activity, Section 3 should be completed to reflect this. 

The Learning Agreement template you should use depends on whether you are studying in Europe or outside of Europe:

Certificate of Arrival 

You will need to ask your host institution to complete the Certificate of Arrival and return it to the International Student Office. Your grant payment can only be made once this has been returned and the student Grant Agreement completed. 

End of activity

At the end of your activity, you will need to return to the International Student Office one of the following:

  • Section 4 of your Learning Agreement completed by your host institution.
  • a Transcript of Results from the host institution covering the study placement. If this does not include the start and end dates of your placement, you would also need the Certificate of Attendance completed by your host institution.

Voluntary internship: 

Learning Agreement 

The Learning Agreement for Internships should be signed by you, your Faculty/Department and the host organisation before you your mobility period begins and identifies what you will be doing during the traineeship; the skills and knowledge you are expected to have acquired by the end of the internship and how you will be monitored and evaluated. Changes can be made during the period abroad.  

Certificate of Arrival 

You will need to ask your host organisation to complete the Certificate of Arrival and return it to the International Student Office. Your grant payment can only be made once this has been returned and the student Grant Agreement completed. 

Internship certificate 

This is Section 4 of the Learning Agreement and must be completed at the end of your period abroad by your host organisation. 


Additional Information

The International Student Office will also confirm with your Faculty or Department that you have completed and had approved a risk assessment for your activity prior to processing the Turing Scheme grant payment. If you have been informed you are eligible for the Turing Scheme funding for activity not related to a year abroad, you will be notified of any documentation requirements from the International Student Office when you receive confirmation of funding.

Failure to complete any of these requirements may affect your eligibility to receive, or retain, your Turing Scheme grant. Requirements may be subject to change if additional information is required by the University or Delivery Partner in order to administer funding under the scheme.