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International Student Office


Turing Scheme funding can be provided at Cambridge to students who require financial assistance to support a period of study or an unpaid work placement overseas as part of certain degree courses. A Turing Scheme grant is public funding awarded to the University and intended as a contribution towards a student’s living costs whilst undertaking a period of mobility abroad.

Only certain activities at Cambridge can be supported under the Turing Scheme. If you have been informed that you may be eligible to apply for a Turing Scheme grant for an activity taking place in the academic year 2023/24, this webpage outlines the procedures to make an application.

Application for funding

You must first submit an online application providing some details about yourself and the activity for which you are seeking funding. The data requested is required by the Turing Scheme. You will also be asked to confirm you require funding to support your overseas living costs during your activity (referred to as a ‘placement’) and for some information on how you would use the grant. If your country and/or host institution/organisation change after submitting the form, you would need to submit another form with the new details by the relevant deadline to be eligible to be considered for funding for that placement. 

To be eligible for funding, you must submit the application by the relevant deadline which depends on the month you intend to start the placement as outlined below. These dates are fixed, as the University is required to report the confirmed details of the placement to the external Delivery Partner (Capita) within a set timeframe in order for funds to be released.

Start month for placement

Deadline to submit application


24 July


20 August


24 September


22 October


19 November


10 December


28 January


18 February


17 March

Once submitted, the International Student Office will check your application and email to confirm if you are eligible for funding.

Please note:

  • Funding is provided to support essential living costs during a period of study or an unpaid work placement overseas. An application should only be made for this purpose and not to cover additional pursuits, for example holiday activity.
  • Applications cannot be considered if received after the stated deadline outlined above.
  • Paid work placements are not eligible to be funded. A paid placement is defined as an activity receiving any regular (e.g. weekly, monthly etc.) monetary payment from the placement provider (regardless of amount).
  • Funding cannot be provided for remote activity. The grant is provided for living costs whilst at the host institution/organisation. The start date of the mobility period shall be the first date that the participant needs to be present at the host institution/organisation. The end date of the period abroad shall be the last day the participant needs to be present at the receiving institution/organisation. This is confirmed in the paperwork signed by the host institution/organisation. 
  • Under the rules of the scheme, a student cannot receive double funding. This means being funded twice for the same expense. For example, a student who meets the criteria for additional financial support for travel costs should not be in receipt of funding provided by another source to cover these same travel expenses. It is recognised that Turing Scheme funding may not cover all of a students’ living costs during the time on their placement. Where this is the case, students are able to make up the difference between the amount provided in the grant and their total living costs through funding from other sources if available. This would be considered 'top-up' funding. Students who have been awarded funding under a scholarship or similar for their time overseas would not be eligible to apply for Turing Scheme funding. 
  • Placements can only be funded between 1 September 2023 – 31 August 2024. It is possible for a placement to start prior to this but it will only be funded from 1 September.
  • Year abroad students are not eligible to apply for funding in any of the following circumstances: 
    • to undertake a third activity during the year overseas;
    • for activities which start from June onwards;
    • for additional activities which take place outside what is considered as fulfilling the year abroad requirements. 
  • You will need to provide bank details when completing this form. Please note that grant payments can only be made into a UK bank account, therefore details for a UK bank account should be provided.

You will need to provide certain documentation at different stages of your placement overseas.

Click on the link below to apply: